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CADE 2017


The final PCR'17 program is now available with slides of all presentations.


The 1st workshop on parallel constraint reasoning consists solely of invited talks from experts in the area of parallel constraint reasoning: we will have a program highlighting parallel constraint reasoning and its applications.


The workshop focuses on theory, implementation, and applications of parallel constraint reasoning. Since some time the technology for producing CPUs has hit a physical barrier for obtaining sequential speed-up through laying out transistors on a chip. Since speed-up is no longer achievable through sequential hardware, there is an ongoing shift to wide-spread parallel computing. Key enablers for this shift include multi-core computers, computing paradigms such as GPGPU, language-level support in new programming language standards such as C++11, and cluster and cloud computing.

The phenomenal recent success in constraint reasoning has made approaches previously deemed impractical within the reach of both industrial and academic applications. With the proposed workshop we hope to provide a discussion forum for exchanging ideas related to different constraint programming approaches such as CP, SAT, SMT, and ASP; different algorithmic approaches such as local and tree-based search; and different applications including planning, model checking, and optimization.

Important Dates

  • Workshop: August 6, 2017


Program chairs

Antti Hyvärinen (University of Lugano, Switzerland)
Christoph Wintersteiger (Microsoft Research Cambridge, United Kingdoms)

Steering committee

Youssef Hamadi (LIX, École Polytechnique, France)
Lakhdar Sais (CRIL, France)